Spring 2024 Newsletter

As we kick off the Spring 2024 semester, I am thrilled to introduce the latest edition of the EDvance College newsletter! In this issue, we highlight the incredible efforts of our EDvance College team as we gear up for an exciting semester ahead. From new events to innovative projects, our staff and students have been hard at work, and I cannot wait to share their achievements with you. Thank you for being a part of the EDvance College community and for your unwavering dedication to providing exceptional education for our students.


Dr. Lygia Stebbing

EDvance College Newsletter

Spring 2024

President's Welcome

Dear EDvance Community,

As we set sail into the Spring 2024 Semester, our team is excited to share College updates with you. Our journey this spring has been marked by the welcoming of over 50 new students into our General Education pathway, while steadfastly upholding our commitment to supporting our juniors and seniors, totaling nearly 120 students served this semester. It brings me great pleasure to announce that our retention rates continue to exceed expectations, standing tall at over 90%, complemented by consistently high levels of student satisfaction. These accomplishments stand as a testament to the unwavering dedication of our staff, faculty, students, and community partners, underscoring the quality and intentionality of our program.

There is nothing more invigorating than bearing witness to the transformative impact EDvance has on the lives and professional perspectives of our students. Recently, one of our partners shared a profoundly moving quote from one of thier teachers: "EDvance has changed my life and my perspective on my practice." Such heartfelt testimonials fuel our commitment to innovation and our responsiveness to the ever-evolving needs of our early childhood workforce.

While there is a myriad of accomplishments and initiatives to delve into, I trust you will find these highlights of our recent endeavors both enlightening and inspiring. Your steadfast support and unwavering dedication to the EDvance mission propel us forward with renewed vigor and purpose.

Warm regards,

Dr. Lygia Stebbing
President, EDvance College

Spring Planning Institute: Enhancing The Student Experience

To kick off the Spring Semester, our dedicated team came together in person for our Spring Planning Institute. During this event, we engaged in reflective discussions on the fall term and devised strategies to elevate the spring semester experience for our students.

Through an analysis of our fall institutional data and a deep dive into our Key Performance Indicators, we pinpointed areas for improvement and brainstormed innovative ways to better meet the needs of our students. A significant focus was on expanding our multilingual learner support and developing Spanish coursework tailored to the demands of the workforce, ensuring that students can effectively apply and demonstrate course content in their practice.

As our Partnerships Manager, Anna Wolde-Yohannes expressed, "Attending my first Spring Institute with EDvance was like stepping into a room filled with vibrant energy and endless possibilities. Meeting many of my teammates in person, diving into brainstorming sessions, and gaining a deeper insight into our institution's vision made every moment meaningful. It wasn't just about work; it was about connecting, growing, and feeling inspired together."

As we move forward, we are eager to implement these initiatives and uphold our commitment to providing an exceptional educational experience for all of our students.

EDvance Staff at the Spring Planning Institute

Lower Division General Education Coursework Launches

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Lower Division General Education coursework, a result of close collaboration with our employer partners and a thorough assessment of workforce needs within the ECE sector. Recognizing the importance of providing contextualized and supportive education, we have tailored these courses to support the eligibility of ECE professionals for our upper division pathway. As one of our students, Rocio Navarrete, highlighted, “EDvance is equipping me with tools, skills, and knowledge I need to be closer to graduating with my Bachelor’s degree… and the courses are all directly connected to my practice.”

This Spring Semester, over 50 students have enrolled in these courses, positioning them for a smooth transition into upper-division coursework starting in Fall 2024.

Our offerings include specialized courses such as:

AC 250: Language, Literacy, Art, and Music
SBS 282: Exploring U.S. History Through Children's Literature
SIQR 260: Mathematics for Early Childhood Educators
CF 252: Early Relational Health: Contextualized Written Communication.

Additionally, we have launched a special track to provide enhanced support for our multilingual learners.

Technology Workshops and Badges

This winter, we introduced an innovative approach to support the ECE workforce in preparing for EDvance College. Prospective students engaged in both in-person and online technology workshops aimed at equipping them with the practical skills necessary for success in an online learning environment. These workshops not only fostered a sense of community among participants but also provided valuable insights into areas where additional support may be needed. This initiative was pivotal in preparing everyone for the launch of the Spring semester. Looking ahead, our aim is to further enhance our efforts to provide hands-on support to prospective students before enrolling in EDvance College, ensuring their success and satisfaction.

Prospective Students attending a Technology Workshop in San Francisco

EDvance Expands Services with New Downtown San Francisco Office

In response to feedback from our students, EDvance is excited to announce the opening of our new office space in downtown San Francisco, conveniently located just steps away from the Montgomery BART station. Although EDvance primarily operates as an online degree program, we recognize the value of providing in-person support services to our students.

Many of our current and prospective students have expressed the need for various in-person supports, including application and information sessions, transcript requests, meetings with our student success advocates, and access to quiet study spaces. We are delighted to address these needs by offering a physical location where our students can access these services.

During our recent open house, Sandra Mejia Luna, one of our students, shared her excitement, saying, "The space is so welcoming and accessible. I am looking forward to meeting with my Student Success Advocate in person to ensure I successfully submit all my assignments." Sandra's feedback underscores our dedication to prioritizing our students' needs.

EDvance College Students and the Student Success Team Gathered for the Open House Event

Spotlight on Success: Ricardo Ochoa's STEAM Workshop

Following the STEAM in ECE theme of the last fall semester, EDvance senior Ricardo Ochoa showcased his dedication to innovation and community engagement by co-leading an interactive STEAM workshop focused on light and shadows. In collaboration with his colleague, the workshop was designed for children, families, and teachers from Mission Neighborhood Centers.

The impact of the workshop was significant: attendees experienced the joy of exploration and learning firsthand. For instance, a previously deprived father found delight in participating in shadow games with his child, while a mother commended the effective teaching of complex concepts to young children. Teachers left the workshop inspired, armed with fresh ideas and materials to incorporate light and shadows into various subjects through scientific inquiry.

Ricardo's leadership and commitment reflect the core values of the EDvance mission. His application of knowledge and experience is shaping the future of children and communities. This initiative highlights the exceptional work within our EDvance community, and we commend Ricardo for his outstanding contribution. Keep up the amazing work!

Ricardo Ochoa, Class of 2024, and his colleague leading a STEAM Workshop on light and shadows for children

Spotlight: Lesly Dominguez's Inspirational Journey with EDvance

Lesly Dominguez's passionate journey in early childhood education began in 2018 when she embarked on her career as an Infant Toddler Lead Teacher. Over the years, Lesly's dedication to nurturing young minds has only deepened, driving her to pursue excellence in her field.

Despite facing initial financial constraints, Lesly refused to let obstacles hinder her aspirations. It was a friend's recommendation that led her to discover EDvance, a beacon of hope illuminating her path to career advancement and educational fulfillment.

What sets EDvance apart for Lesly is not just its academic offerings but also its nurturing and familial atmosphere. Throughout her educational journey, Lesly has forged close bonds with peers and mentors alike, finding unwavering support and encouragement.

With the overarching goal of earning a BA degree, Lesly sees EDvance as more than just a means to an end; it's a platform for personal and professional growth. She is driven by a desire to make a positive impact not only on the children she teaches but also on her own family's well-being.

Reflecting on her transformative journey, Lesly shares, "EDvance College has been an invaluable source of empowerment for me. As a non-native English speaker, I once grappled with self-doubt and fear of making mistakes. However, thanks to EDvance, I now feel emboldened to raise my voice for the children I serve and advocate for their needs."

Lesly's resilience, passion, and unwavering dedication serve as an inspiration to her peers and educators alike. Her journey with EDvance exemplifies the transformative power of education and the profound impact it can have on individuals and communities alike.

Class of 2024: Lesly Dominguez

Exciting News: EDvance Informational Video and Student Testimonials Released!

We're thrilled to announce the completion of our EDvance Informational Video and Student Testimonials. Who better to tell the story of our program than our remarkable students? With a focus on real-world early childhood educators, these videos offer authentic insights into the core elements of EDvance.
Take a moment to watch our student testimonial videos and discover firsthand what sets our program apart. Hear directly from our students as they share their experiences and perspectives on the EDvance journey. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn more about our program from those who know it best – our incredible students!

EDvance Secures Department of Labor Planning Grant and Welcomes New Team Members

EDvance is excited to announce a significant milestone in our journey towards enhancing earn-and-learn pathways within the ECE sector. We have received a planning grant from the Department of Labor, marking a crucial step in our exploration of apprenticeship programming and earn-and-learn pathways across the greater Bay Area and the Central Valley. This grant enables us to strengthen our partnerships with employers as we work towards expanding opportunities for professional development and career advancement for our students.

Supporting these efforts are two valuable additions to our team:

Alicia Torres Osborne - Vice President of Workforce Development and Admissions

With over two decades of experience in workforce development, Alicia Torres Osborne brings a wealth of knowledge to her role as Vice President of Workforce Development and Admissions. Her diverse background, which includes roles in non-profit organizations, higher education, and ECE programs, equips her with a deep understanding of the needs of the ECE workforce. Alicia's hands-on experience as an educator and site manager enhances her ability to support our students on their educational journey.

Anna Wolde-Yohannes - Partnerships Manager

Joining us as the Partnerships Manager, Anna Wolde-Yohannes brings over a decade of dedication to early childhood education. Anna's passion for addressing critical issues in ECE and empowering educators aligns seamlessly with our mission at EDvance. As we continue to expand, Anna's role in establishing strategic partnerships with ECE agencies will be instrumental in amplifying our impact within the field. We are excited to leverage her expertise to further support our students and the broader ECE community.

We are thrilled to welcome Alicia and Anna to the EDvance team and are confident that their contributions will play a vital role in advancing our mission to serve the ECE workforce.

Empowering Early Childhood Educators: Reflections and Future Endeavors

Last fall marked the conclusion of the inaugural National Early Care and Education Workforce Center Community of Reflective Practice on Creating Partnerships and Pathways for Credentialing and Degree Attainment. Dr. Carola Olivia Olson, Chief Innovation Officer, and Dr. Lygia Stebbing, President of EDvance, led sessions that emphasized high-impact practices supporting early childhood workforce development, with a focus on degree attainment. They showcased elements of our innovative model, centering around the needs of our incumbent early childhood workforce.

Participants from across the nation came together to learn best practices and strategize ways to implement these learnings in their own communities. As a collaborative partner of the National Early Care and Education Workforce Center, we are actively involved in designing a new series of events for this year, with a specific focus on pathways in higher education.

We invite you to explore upcoming programming by visiting: National Early Care and Education Workforce Center