A reimagined higher education experience

As a new and innovative institution of higher education we break away from traditional structures to better support students. Because of this, some of our terminology may mean something different or be a new concept. Use the glossary below to learn more about some key components of our model.

Cohort model

Everyone enrolled in EDvance is placed into a cohort or group of students with similar academic and workplace experience. This peer community goes through the entire program together and evolves into a support system and network of champions.

Degree pathway

Each cohort is assigned a 2, 3, or 4-year pathway that best reflects the group’s academic experience and current standing. These pathways provide a pre-planned roadmap to graduation.

Academic semester

Unlike the traditional 18-week semester, EDvance’s curriculum works on a 15-week semester where full-time students enroll in 4 courses which are clustered into one thematic focus to streamline the learning experience.

Live group learning

Students attend synchronous online class lectures twice a week for 5 hours total.  During this time, students engage in dynamic coursework discussions, participate in breakout sessions with classmates, and reflect on the application of their coursework.

Independent learning

Students will be responsible for 10-15 hours a week of asynchronous learning. This includes coursework readings, individual and group assignments, and practice reflection.

Employer placement

Students will be required to have verified employment in an early childhood setting for a minimum of 15 hours per week while in the program.  Work will be used as a supervised practice site where students are able to practice and apply the content being learned in coursework. As such, students will receive course credit and over 4,000 hours of experience by graduation.