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EDvance College partners with community-based early childhood programs to support and grow their workforce via BA degree attainment. Our team will work with you to recruit, support, and graduate the high-quality early childhood educators your center and communities need to thrive, all while they continue to work and practice their learning in the ECE classroom.

How it Works


Employer Partner needs assessment

EDvance College meets with the Employer Partner to assess needs, priorities, and eligibility. During this initial step we will conduct a site level assessment to review teaching roles (TA, T, HT), transcript accessibility, and general interest.


Center-based outreach

EDvance College supports the Employer Partner in recruiting a cohort via remote or when possible, in-person information sessions and providing informational materials to distribute among their interested workforce.


Transcript analysis

EDvance College collects and analyzes student transcripts to determine eligibility in one of the BA Pathways.


Partner and student matriculation

EDvance College establishes and finalizes a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Employer Partner and meets with prospective students to submit the online EDvance Admissions Application. Once accepted, Student Success Advocates work with students to enroll in courses.


Pathway implementation

Throughout the 2 or 4-year pathway, Employer Partners work with EDvance College to foster academic-workplace success, enable employees to implement coursework and practice in the classroom, and provide access to center facilities as needed.

Partner requirements

Recruit and support a cohort with a minimum of 25 workforce members at one of EDvance’s pathway levels for the required duration (2 or 4 years)

Be a licensed or license except, publicly-funded/subsidized school district or Head Start/Early Head Start agency, a family childcare network or a county office of education

Provide students workplace experience and opportunity to implement skills, including video tape practice in the ECE classroom during work hours

Provide access to study space and computers for students to complete coursework, as needed

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