The EDvance Model

Built for student success

EDvance College was built to put student success first. After more than a decade of working with real-world ECE students, we’ve perfected a model that intentionally addresses every aspect of the student experience.

Accessible Transfer Requirements

Our transfer criteria make higher education possible by simplifying the transferable unit requirements and counting more Child Development courses. We see, validate, and grow the knowledge and skills our students come with.

We require a reduced number of lower division General Education units and instead contextualize this learning at the upper division level

Our Student Success team provides transcript analysis and advising to evaluate current standing and create a transfer plan

We offer GE and ECE courses to help students meet transfer requirements,  and when needed, support in finding courses at other institutions.

Affordable Degree Program

We offer an affordable path to higher education by setting tuition at an affordable price and reducing the need for student debt. Our institutional grants help offset the cost of degrees for most students.

No application fee to apply to EDvance College

We provide institutional grants to qualifying students to help cover a
majority of tuition costs

Our courses utilize open-source books and resources to reduce additional costs

Credit for Full-Time Work

Our unique place-based practice model is designed for working ECE professionals serving local communities. Students earn college credit for paid employment and use the workplace to practice skills they learn in the classroom.

Students receive college credit for on-the-job experience via full-time
work at local licensed ECE programs

Course assignments integrate real work experiences fostering theory and practice applications

EDvance College and ECE employers form collaborative partnerships to ensure students can perform real-world application

Dynamic Remote Curriculum

Designed for working ECE practitioners, our curriculum combines a rigorous, relevant, and culturally-responsive sequence of remote courses that are delivered through dynamic pedagogy by expert faculty.

Remote courses at convenient times for
ECE practitioners who are working full-time

Bichronous courses with a mix of live instructor-led lessons and independent learning activities

Engaging curriculum content and pedagogy that is inclusive and accessible to learners of all styles and skill levels

Comprehensive Student Support

Our cohort approach creates a community of care. Students, faculty, and staff experience the program together, creating an engaging and dynamic academic experience to ensure students' success.

Success Advocates are assigned to each cohort and readily available to provide personalized support by prioritizing listening to student concerns

Every student receives integrated support to ensure understanding and academic success, including multilingual students

Individualized student services are embedded in the classroom to provide mental health support, career and academic advising, basic needs support, and more

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