Designed for working practitioners

EDvance's Early Childhood Studies BA Degree offers an affordable, inclusive, and engaging curriculum alongside exceptional support services and on-the-job experience. Our programs align with state and national ECE standards and competencies, while prioritizing the needs of real-world students. By removing traditional barriers, providing unparalleled support services, utilizing on-the-job experience, and offering individualized pathways to academic success, we make higher education accessible to working students. Whether you are new to the ECE field or have years of experience, EDvance offers a program tailored to your needs.

BA in Early Childhood Studies

EDvance College’s BA Degree in Early Childhood Studies is a 120-unit remote and engaging program designed for the ECE workforce. Students are enrolled in small cohorts and move through courses and curriculum together. We offer two different pathways depending on the student's experience in the ECE field, each providing students with an achievable and efficient path to graduation.

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Lower Division General Education

Many students come to EDvance with years of experience in the ECE field and varying general education credits from community colleges but not yet ready to transfer to a BA-granting institution. Our BA Preparation Pathway offers general education and foundation courses as well as academic evaluation to help students become transfer ready.

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