Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cohort?
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A cohort is a group of students which starts their EDvance College experience at the same time. Students will take the same classes together at the same time and progress towards graduation together. Cohorting allows students to build a community of care, create stronger connections between classmates and professors, and support peer learning.
What is a pathway?
A pathway is a pre-planned sequence of courses that will earn you a degree in an established time period. Depending on your academic needs, pathways are designed to be either two, three, or four years long. Students enter a pathway with a cohort of like minded peers and navigate the program together from beginning to end.
What is a remote college?
A remote college is one in which learning happens via a mix of live online courses during pre-set times and independent learning facilitated by an online learning management system. This allows us to remove many of the traditional barriers of higher education for working students like commute time, expenses, and conflicting commitments. A remote college leverages technology to enable students to focus on their academics instead of spending hours on logistics and trying to navigate complex systems.
How is EDvance College different from a traditional college?
EDvance College was built specifically for working early childhood educators. Aside from our remote college model which allows students to better integrate higher education into their lives, our program is intentionally designed to revolve around the student experience. From the way our curriculum is delivered through an ECE lens, to when our courses are made available, to our whole-human approach, to providing support services, everything is in service of student success.
How will I be able to go to school full-time and work?
EDvance College courses and support services are designed to be integrated into a working student’s commitments. Courses are scheduled during pre-determined times in the evenings in addition to structured, yet flexible, independent learning activities. Most importantly, our place-based practice model lets students earn course credit for work at an approved ECE setting. Additionally, every student receives support from an EDvance Student Success Advocate to ensure they are set up for success.
Do I have to work full-time to be accepted to EDvance College?
In order to participate, students must work at least 15 hours per week in an ECE setting.
Do I need to have experience in early childhood education to be accepted to EDvance College?
No. EDvance College has three different pathways that are designed to meet students where they are academically. Our 4-year pathway is for students who are interested in entering the ECE field but do not yet have work experience. Students in this pathway will join a cohort of students in a similar position and will navigate the four-year curriculum together. EDvance will also support students in gaining work experience during this time.
What is the time commitment to enroll in EDvance College?
Students in EDvance College can expect to commit to a combination of live, independent, and work commitments. Live group learning where students will attend remote class time for approximately 5 hours per week. The second category is independent learning which will consist of structured, yet flexible, independent learning activities as well as some study time for approximately 10 hours. Finally, students are required to work at an approved ECE center for a minimum of 15 hours per week.
How long will it take me to graduate?
The EDvance College curriculum is delivered in three different pathways designed to meet students where they are academically. Depending on the number of college credits the student has, the program takes two, three, or four years to complete. EDvance College Student Success Advocates will meet with each prospective student to evaluate their academic history, review transcripts from all institutions previously attended, and understand student educational goals to assess pathway placement.
How do I apply?
During our initial launch phase, EDvance College admissions are by invitation only via select EDvance community partners. To find out if you are eligible for an upcoming cohort or to express interest in future cohorts, please reach out to our team here.