Our Pathways

Clear Pathways to Achieve your Goals

Our Pathways provide a cohort experience that meets students where they’re at academically and guarantee an efficient path to graduation. This model puts students in cohorts of like-minded peers with similar academic and work experience levels who together navigate a two or four-year pathway, depending on their needs.

Student eligibility

EDvance College was built to remove barriers that traditionally prevent students from enrolling in higher education. With that in mind, EDvance College does not use standardized tests or previous grades as a measure of academic success. As a college, we believe that experience and willingness to learn matters just as much as grades. We believe that students can succeed in a program that is intentionally designed and provides the necessary wrap-around support services.

To be eligible for EDvance College prospective students must: 

Have a high school diploma/GED or general education credits

Be currently employed, or prepared to work a minimum of 15 hours a week at a licensed ECE center while attending courses each semester

In order to determine eligibility, students are aided by a Student Success Advocate (SSA) to submit their transcripts and admissions application. Our Admissions and Enrollment Manager will analyze prospective student transcripts to determine eligibility, with a focus on Transfer GE Criteria.

EDvance seeks students who are:

Diverse in experience

Motivated and engaged

Willing to put in the work required

Committed to advocate for the children they serve, themselves, and the field of early childhood education

Life-long learners focused on growth and development as they practice the craft of teaching

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