the language justice institute

Focus Areas

Championing equitable education for family and community multilingual learners

Professional Development

Professional development services for county offices of education that support their efforts to deliver equitable, quality learning experiences for all children.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance for local agencies, programs, and initiatives aimed at meeting the needs of multilingual learners, families, and communities.

Leadership Development

Leadership development to ensure that leaders have the knowledge, skills, and drive to develop and implement programs that deliver quality learning experiences for multilingual learners.rmation

Program Development

Program, curriculum, and workforce development for local agencies, programs, and higher education institutions to ensure quality, inclusive, evidence-based instruction.

Policy & Advocacy

Support for school districts, regional education offices, and national bodies to formulate, advance, and implement state and national policy that directly benefits multilingual learners and those who teach them

Systems Enhancement & Development

Consultation and support that transforms early childhood programs, leading to the development of an equitable and inclusive system that harnesses the benefits of languages to improve children’s learning outcomes.

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