Tuition & Aid

An efficient path forward

EDvance College was built to remove the unnecessary barriers for today’s early childhood educators in traditional higher education. This includes making tuition cost, time to graduation, and the support services necessary for academic success accessible and efficient to save our students time and money.


BA in Early Childhood Studies

Our cost breakdown outlines the full annual cost to attend EDvance College including educational costs (full-time tuition*, books, supplies) and living expenses (housing, transportation, personal expenses).

Students are not directly billed for the amounts listed; however, average costs are used to calculate financial aid. EDvance works to provide grants and scholarships for those that demonstrate financial need to make college as affordable as possible.

Cost Type
30 credits fall & spring
Summer Certificate (12 units)**
Enrollment Fee
Technology and Supplies
Personal Expenses
Food and Housing

98% of EDvance College students have qualified for institutional grants covering a majority of their tuition. Attend an upcoming info session to find out more about our grants


*Annual Tuition (defined as full-time status of 15-units a semester, Fall and Spring) is set at $10,000 an academic year. Fees and textbook costs are kept to a minimum and faculty is encouraged to use open educational, free or institution-purchased resources. Does not include room and board or general living expenses.

**Summer certificates are optional for students interested in receiving additional certifications and vary based on student interest and enrollment numbers.


What does this all mean?

At EDvance College we know that higher education is a financial and time investment for our students yet the impact can be felt broadly across communities. Because of this, we are committed to delivering the highest quality education with high-touch support services to maximize the return on investment in an efficient, timely, and transparent manner.

Do I have to pay $23,100 to attend EDvance College?
No. Full cost of attendance is calculated by every institution of higher education to paint a realistic picture of how much money a student would need to cover all of their expenses while going to school. This number is an average and is used to calculate financial aid. EDvance College only bills students for whatever portion of tuition is not covered by financial aid or scholarships.
Does this mean I will have to pay $10,000 annually for tuition?
No. Most EDvance College students that qualify for financial aid will have a majority of their tuition covered. One of our priorities is to graduate students with as little to no debt in educational expenses. To this end, EDvance works closely with foundations and government agencies to offset the cost of tuition via scholarships. Our Student Success Advocates can work with students to ensure they receive as much financial support as possible.
What is an enrollment fee?
EDvance College charges a $150 per semester enrollment fee that every student is responsible to pay out of pocket. As a college built specifically for today’s early childhood educators, we believe that every student deserves an accessible and efficient education. To make this a reality we must all work together – from college faculty, to students, to the ECE centers that employ our graduates. Our enrollment fee covers student matriculation costs and as a sign of commitment to our community, the same amount goes directly into our Upward Together Student Scholarship Fund to create educational opportunities for future EDvance College students.


Creating a realistic option

Our tuition and support services are designed to make sense for the students we serve, with a goal of eliminating educational debt. EDvance College is in the process of applying for Title IV, thus we are unable to offer federal student financial aid at this time. However, until we are eligible to disburse federal funds, we are working with generous foundations and community partners to offset tuition costs for students during our initial launch phase.

To learn more about the financial supports provided by EDvance College click below.

Institutional Grants